Download BuddyPhone
A nice internet-phone program that works well with ICQ

ICQ has released ICQ99b to their Alpha testers. I have received a copy as I was selected as an Alpha tester.

The program has this warning:

Only users who were authorized by ICQ to use the Software will be able to connect the Software to the ICQ system. If you were not authorized by ICQ to use this Software do not download or install the Software. If you have installed the Software and wish to re-install the ICQ 99a software you can do so at any time by downloading ICQ 99a from or an approved download site. Warning: By installing ICQ 99a after using ICQ 99b Alpha you will loose any new contacts you have added to your Contact List and any History of Events created while using ICQ 99b Alpha.

So if you can't use it then there is no reason for me to post it here on my website.

Download ICQ99A Build 1800 Ver 2.20
ICQ99A Build 1800
Ver 2.20

Download ICQ99A Build 1700 Ver 2.13
ICQ99A Build 1700
Ver 2.13

Download ICQ99A Build 1700 Ver 2.05
ICQ99A Build 1700
Ver 2.05

Download ICQ99A Build 1690 Ver 2.04
ICQ99A Build 1690
Ver 2.04
Download ICQ99A Build 1547 Ver 2.0  Download ICQ99A Build 1620 Ver 2.01 Download ICQ99A Build 1672 Ver 2.02 Download ICQ99A Build 1677 Ver 2.03
Build 1547 V. 2.0  Build 1620 V. 2.01  Build 1672 V. 2.02  Build 1677 V. 2.03
Previous released ICQ 99A builds

New ICQ99A versions - hopefully soon

I will post new ICQ99A versions as I find them

Download NoBo version 1.3
NoBo is a Back Orifice attack detector.

Download Antigen
To remove Back Orifice

Download new version
New updated version

AntiGen 2000 beta
AntiGen 2000 beta

Download Cleaner
Cleaner for 21 trojans

Download new beta version 3
New version 3 (beta)

Scans for 766 trojans

NetStat utility

Download BusJack

BusJack is a Netbus cleaner

Download new dat file
Dat file 4082 for Mcafee versions 4.0.xx

Download new superdat file
SuperDAT utility 4082 for McAfee v4.x

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