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On AOL I'm "wacher2"

You can also send an E-mail to my mobile phone by clicking on the mobile phone icon. Your E-mail will then instantly be sent to my mobile phone and a message icon will appear on the mobile phone and the mobile phone will make a beep. I will then be able to read your message in the display of the mobile phone.Your message must be no longer than 800 characters. I will receive your message in blocks of 160 characters so a message of 800 characters will be sent in 5 blocks of 160 characters so a short message is appreciated. You can also send me an E-mail to wacher@wacher.dk and a carbon copy to the mobile phone. I will this way be advised that an E-mail is waiting.

to link to Dolward Data who supplied most of my system.

to link to my Bank

a very good ftpsearch engine

free long-distance phone calls

to find someone in Denmark

Elisabeth Shue is a very cute actress as you can see on the pictures above. Click here or here to link to a home page dedicated to her.

Meg Ryan is another cute actress. Click here to take a look too. Click here to hear the famous sound clip from "When Harry Met Sally".

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A few techno music links

Mayday - great techno


Evosonic Radio - techno 24 hours a day


Nice online shop with techno music

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GEMM is your best source for impossible-to-find music!

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